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Minneapolis, Minn.—

Philanthropy innovator BWF joined lead funder Arizona-based Sonoran Founders Fund as well as Techstars, Cascade Seed Fund, and others to provide the seed money for industry changemaker FundMiner. This first-to-market, AI-powered platform provides the most effective solution for fundraising organizations to track their funds and achieve maximum impact as they fulfill their missions.

The seed funding will be used to accelerate the company’s growth and expand its reach in the advancement technology space. With this first-ever investment in a seed round, BWF is empowering innovation that moves the fundraising industry forward. Providing this early funding emphasizes BWF’s investment mission and commitment to helping nonprofits thrive. BWF is excited to be able to leverage its long history of successful client consulting to make theses type of investments that move our industry forward.

“We are proud to invest in a minority-owned start-up that is transforming fund management,” says BWF Principal Katrina Klaproth. “Based on my own experience having worked with hundreds of clients in the systems and operations space, FundMiner will create greater efficiencies—especially in light of the staffing challenges many organizations are facing—and will truly bring about a revolutionary change while enhancing the donor experience.”

FundMiner’s streamlined solution is a breakthrough in the fundraising space. The solution comes with more functionality than other fund management tools available now, providing access to the critical data, analytics, and reports that power a successful operation. FundMiner’s focus on gift administration, fund utilization, and maximizing impact will reshape the operational landscape for nonprofits.

FundMiner co-founder Chelsea Lamego sees great potential for the positive impact the technology can have on the fundraising industry.

“FundMiner will revolutionize fundraising operations by leveraging the power of data and technology to help social impact organizations more effectively measure, maximize, and communicate their impact. We will create a flywheel of effective gift administration that will lead to happier donors, more dollars raised, and more impact made.”

Higher education and K-12 schools, nonprofits and community foundations, academic medical centers, arts and cultural organizations, and religious organizations will all be able to transform their gift administration and advancement operations with fund and spend tracking, intelligent reporting, and automation tools. By simplifying and automating traditional manual gift administration work, this tool allows teams to spend more time on strategic items that advance the mission.

For more information, contact Allison Gannon.

About BWF
BWF is a full-service philanthropic consulting services firm. BWF serves nonprofits in the areas of campaign management, high-net-worth fundraising, organizational consulting, data science, strategic communications, digital marketing, and technology. Clients include universities, health systems, arts & culture organizations, and NGOs throughout North America, Europe, Australia, Africa, and the Pacific Rim. As a truly comprehensive fundraising consulting firm, BWF has a team of consultants with extensive background and experience in every facet of philanthropy. For more information, please visit

About FundMiner
Founded in 2022 by Chelsea Lamego and Alejandro Stevenson-Duran, FundMiner’s software helps large fundraising organizations, like universities and community foundations, automate and simplify management of their philanthropic funding. By bringing together data from previously siloed systems and applying intelligent analytics, FundMiner enables customers to experience more effective capital utilization, increased fundraising revenue, and improved donor satisfaction. To learn more, please visit