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Minneapolis, Minn.—

BWF is excited to announce a new division within the company dedicated to addressing the present engagement challenges and reversing the decline in generosity and welcomes Bob Guittard as the inaugural executive vice president, Engagement and Donor Experience. In an era marked by declining engagement in philanthropy across various sectors, BWF is doubling down on philanthropy’s crucial role in addressing world challenges and fostering a sense of belonging. Recognizing the imperative for a strategic shift in how nonprofits, colleges and universities, and healthcare institutions engage with their constituents, BWF is now poised to lead a transformative approach in expanding empathy and global impact through philanthropy.

Guittard, who brings two decades of experience in empowering nonprofits and growing strategic teams through servant leadership, is enthusiastic about this new opportunity: “There is immense opportunity for missions and organizations to reach new audiences and inspire engagement, giving, and advocacy. At BWF, we are excited to solve the present challenges in philanthropy.”

Under Guittard’s leadership, the division will focus on helping clients articulate and achieve their vision for growth, impact, and increased donor engagement over time. Emphasizing the current potential for philanthropy, Guittard asserts that “this is an exciting time. With the right strategies and partnerships, we can overcome obstacles like team turnover and limited resources, creating strategic continuity, and fostering growth in donors and revenue. People are eager for change and innovation.”

The critical areas of focus for BWF’s Engagement and Donor Experience team include:

  • Increasing participation and donor counts
  • Achieving revenue goals
  • Enhancing the donor experience from initiation
  • Building a solid philanthropic brand
  • Meaningfully engaging donors to connect with the mission of the organization
  • Cultivating sustainable growth for impactful futures

This transition and growth come at a critical time, as BWF identifies the trend of diminishing household giving as a pressing concern. “The current trends in household giving over the last two decades necessitate a strategic pivot,” says Mark Marshall, chief strategy officer at BWF. “We must look beyond short-term gains and major donors, focusing on sustainable and scalable strategies for long-term organizational health and impact.”

Marshall further adds, “Philanthropy is ennobling—it empowers people to support the causes they care about and impact their world in meaningful ways. Ensuring that everyone can participate in this experience is of utmost importance.”

As BWF embarks on this new chapter, the company reaffirms its commitment to philanthropic innovation and empowering organizations to reach their full potential. With a committed team driven by a vision for the future, BWF is determined to lead the way in rejuvenating philanthropic engagement and ensuring that the power of giving continues to enrich lives and communities worldwide.

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