Donor Relations

For nonprofit organizations that increasingly rely on philanthropic support to fund their operations, support their missions, and advance their causes, tainted donations can be vexing at best and toxic at worst. There are definitely times when donors who were once deemed perfectly acceptable, even praiseworthy, fall out of favor and seemingly overnight, become “personae non gratae”. Philanthropic contributions from such individuals invariably put an organization under the microscope, causing consternation and concern while also generating press coverage and firing up social media, resulting in considerable public and governmental scrutiny.

To be sure, no organization, despite its best efforts and good intentions, can mitigate all risk associated with fundraising. But there are absolutely several things to consider and steps to take that will ensure you’re as prepared as possible should the worst scenario unfold.

Carole Arwidson shares insights on the most effective approaches for strategic planning around gift acceptance policies to manage and mitigate donor risk.

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