COVID-19 Services


We Need Help Now, How Can We Get Started?

Essential Solutions

We are working from home, how can we regain traction?

Rapid Program Pivot Package

Ok, we’ve adjusted – mostly – how do we start to rebuild?

Sustainable Recovery Package

We offer this service approach for effective and sustainable recovery:


Not only that, how do we recover our team and our stalled campaign?

Sustainable Recovery Plus Package

All services in the Sustainable Recovery Package, plus the following:

Immediate Adjustments

Services for maintaining your programs and momentum

Remote Development Officer Training

We will develop a training program to equip and empower fundraisers to engage donors through the pandemic and position them for fundraising now and after the pandemic passes.

Your outcomes:

  • A team of frontline fundraisers that will be equipped with the knowledge to engage donors using modern tactics during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.
  • A strong foundation for an integrated, multi-channel development program.

Funding Priority Recalibration

We will meet with development and organizational leaders to review philanthropic priorities and make recommendations for how you move forward.

Your Outcomes:

  • Strategic recommendations for realigning your philanthropic priorities to meet current needs, mission-critical continuity, and future strategic planning.
  • A clear understanding of the organization’s priorities and how they align and resonate with donors.

Donor Crisis Communication

We will help you craft an agile communications plan inclusive of messaging and channels during current disruption, recovery, and future unforeseen events.

Your Outcomes:

  • Communication and channel management plans for navigating COVID-19 and any future crisis to hit your team.
  • Specific tactics for right now as well as after the pandemic passes.

Pipeline Assessment

We will review your solicitation pipeline’s current state, business performance, liquidity, and economic climate and help produce a revised gift table, solicitation plan and options for immediate prospect research service.

Your Outcomes:

  • Data-informed input on potential adjustments to ask amounts or ask timing.
  • For principal-gift level prospects, detailed research dossiers with supplemental information.

Workflow Optimization – Essential Operations

We will work with you to develop and implement a practical plan for adjusting workflows and technology to help keep your essential operations functioning and succeeding.

Your Outcomes:

  •  A collaborative plan to address inefficient processes or workflows requiring alteration due to resource constraints.
  •  Process mapping and other recommendations for creating workflows, increasing efficiencies, and identifying opportunities for improvement.


Services for rebuilding your programs and sustaining growth

Recovery Plan Development

We will conduct an organizational assessment and provide a practical roadmap to assist in the recovery of lost momentum and achieve sustained growth.

Your Outcomes:

  • Evaluation of departmental structures, technology use and project prioritization in the context of current remote work.
  • Identification of gaps in workflows and process that impede outcomes.
  • Recommendations for new ways to prioritize and accomplish your projects and application of cross-functional approaches to best utilize team member skills.

Mid-Campaign/Strategic Plan Assessment

We will work with you to outline a successful finish to your campaign or resume your current campaign’s strategic plan.

Your Outcomes:

  • Campaign evaluation, through data analysis and volunteer insights, BWF will assess what has been successful thus far and where improvements are needed.
  • Recommendations for adjustments based on budget constraints and impacted workforce.

Portfolio Balancing

We will conduct a full portfolio review to determine which prospects should be prioritized for more immediate intentional discovery and engagement, and others where timing to engage may not be appropriate.

Your Outcomes:

  • A customized data file with up-to-date wealth screening information and custom-engineered connection score to focus opportunity and potential.
  • Identified prospects who are not currently in portfolios but may be good candidates to add based on higher levels of engagement.
  • Identified prospects currently in portfolios whose engagement levels have decreased and strategic recommendations for those prospects.  

Constituent Engagement Analysis

We will determine your constituency’s current state of engagement with survey and behavioral analysis.

Your Outcomes:

  •  A detailed report highlighting strengths and opportunities within your current state of constituent engagement.
  • Projections on short-term and medium-term philanthropic production based on constituent perceptions impacting the durability of giving.
  • Constituent-level survey responses, providing opportunity for segmentation and micro-targeting.

Resilient Sector Analysis

We will analyze regional, demographic, and industry information to review your overall prospect pool and categorize your prospects in tiers based on their likely recovery stage: Thriving, Sustaining, On Hold, and Not Recovered.

Your Outcomes:

  • Report containing prioritized segments.
  • Analysis on macro-economic and regional recovery.
  • Market specific data about industry/company impact on recovery efforts.

Talent Management Assessment

BWF will provide a multi-year staffing investment plan including specific growth plans by department, optimizing current staff expectations, total and future state organizational charts.

Your Outcomes:

  • Data-informed recommendations necessary to re-organize and/or build-up your team in the right areas.
  • Organizational structure and workflows with an eye towards efficiency, economies of scale, and unification of efforts.
  • Recommendations to guide your program through solid change management, communication and guidance on cultural changes and road bumps.

Outsourced Services

If you don’t have the staff to meet critical functions, we offer interim staffing and managed services to meet your needs, including:

  • Annual Giving
  • Prospect Research
  • Analytics/Modeling
  • Social Engagement Campaigns
  • Digital Warming
  • Database Management
  • Ops in a Box
  • Campaign Management
  • Communications


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