Points of Practice – Multi-Vendor Partnerships

In the October 2016 issue of Bentz Whaley Flessner’s Points of Practice, author Jason Boley describes how organizations are turning to multi-vendor partnerships to address how fundraising operations have grown increasingly complex due to advances in technology and the need to support multi-channel fundraising initiatives. Whether the topic is cloud computing, crowdfundraising, text-to-give, or a CRM upgrade, the choices for platforms and support are numerous and sometimes dizzying. With this complexity, many organizations turn to outside support for implementation help and strategic advice, and increasingly through multiple consulting partners.

The full article, Multi-Vendor Partnerships, discusses the roles vendors can play to assist nonprofits as well as considerations for multi-vendor partnerships.

At BWF, our systems and operations team is involved in projects at a variety of levels; we are product agnostic and do not benefit from software sales. In addition to technical expertise, strategic consulting partnerships are an increasing segment of our business, growing not only from new clients, but also clients we have known for many years. Mutual trust is paramount in strategic partnerships—sometimes this grows quickly, and sometimes it takes years to develop. We pride ourselves on being good partners with organizations as well as with other vendor partners an organization may choose to employ.

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