With the end of the fiscal year fast approaching, we wanted to congratulate our clients and the record results many of them have achieved. Being a part of your success is exciting. We also wanted to alert you to a few services in the $10,000–$40,000 range that may be a perfect investment of fiscal year end dollars. If we can help you with any of the following strategic services, we would be honored.

1. Major Gift Prospecting/Warming Service

Do you need help generating new major gift prospects? Has your wealth screening left you with many wealthy prospects but no sense for prospect warmth? If the answer is yes, we can help you develop a digital lead generation pipeline that takes the best of your data and expands it with access to large external digital and wealth databases. Our clients have uncovered many new $100K+ prospects via this cutting edge wealth targeted engagement strategy.

2. Donor Relations Program Assessment.

Are you concerned about your current donor retention rates? Do you know why some donors may be lapsing? Do all segments of your donor base feel appreciated? If these are questions your team is grappling with, BWF can help you take a data-driven approach to answering them. Our Donor relations and stewardship assessment will help you uncover valuable strategies to increase donor satisfaction and retention.

3. Annual Giving Program Assessment.

Is it time for a check up on your annual giving program? Have your results been in decline? Has your strategy been the same for the last few years? Have you had a lot of staff turnover? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, it may be time for a data-driven program checkup. Let BWF, a leader in annual giving strategy innovation and data-driven best practices, provide you with a refreshed multi-channel annual giving strategy.

4. Digital Program Assessment.

Are your social media efforts returning less than impressive results? Has your giving day, crowdfunding, and ambassador programs not been performing as you had hoped? Have your major gift prospecting on digital efforts been lackluster? If you answered yes to any of these issues, BWF can help you find areas of rapid improvement. As a pioneer in the digital fundraising space, we know what is working and how to help you make needed adjustments. If you haven’t moved into the digital area yet, we can help you design a strategy from the ground up.

5. Prospect Development Program Assessment.

What is the state of your prospect pipeline? Is it looking sparse or are there too many names to sort through? Are your gift officers anxious about new names for their portfolio? If these questions resonate with your program, BWF can assess the current state of your prospect research, prospect management, and analytics in order to determine the right structure, processes, and procedures for your organization.

As our clients can attest, BWF services more than pay for themselves in the increased level of performance achieved. If you would like to chat more, please reach out to Allison Gannon.

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