Charlotte, North Carolina

Queens University of Charlotte converted to Slate several years ago. However, a particularly short implementation period coupled with turnover among Slate captains led to the new Advancement instance not being fully leveraged. The team was eager to gain assurance in their system setup on a foundational level, and to then move toward properly maximizing Slate’s functionalities to serve their needs.

But because a previous implementation had not gone smoothly, Advancement leadership determined that external counsel was needed to affect positive change—and Queens turned to BWF. Queens asked for a full system assessment of the functional and data components of their Slate instance for Advancement and recommendations to address any shortcomings. Following the assessment, they then collaborated with BWF to prioritize and implement system improvements.

The initial assessment identified several core areas of need regarding system configuration, data, and reporting. After making these foundational improvements, the team was able to turn its attention to enhancing the CRM and utilizing the many customizations available to help the Advancement team work smarter and with more confidence.

Investing in BWF’s expertise and collaboration has proven invaluable. Our assigned consultant, Gina Mandros, offered not only her vast knowledge and creativity in working with Slate, but also her compassionate understanding for the change management side of the work. Because of BWF, my team went from having severe misgivings around our CRM to being excited about how to better leverage it to elevate their work.
LoriAnn Summers
Vice President of Advancement • Queens University of Charlotte, Advancement

After contracting with BWF, Queens is more fully engaged with Slate for Advancement and is well on its way to maximizing team potential and achieving more ambitious goals.

Queens University of Charlotte utilized the Slate for Advancement implementation services offered by BWF.