At BWF, our communications services are designed to ensure your fundraising communications initiatives are executed strategically and thoughtfully. We collaborate with you to maximize your efforts and leverage your resources to achieve your goals.

We Provide a Wide Range of Communications Services

  • Writing content for a case statement/prospectus for use in a feasibility study.
  • Assessing internal readiness (e.g., staffing, expertise, capacity, resources) to mount a campaign.
  • Developing a campaign communications plan.
  • Reviewing a fundraising website and providing recommendations for enhancement.
  • Providing a third-party perspective on the strengths and weaknesses of current donor communications.
  • Facilitating or participating in an ideation session around campaign thematics and key messaging.
  • Editorial services for internally developed communications.

For more information on our Communications capabilities, contact us at 800-921-0111.

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