Charting Success: Comprehensive Strategic Planning and Support

Crafting a robust strategic plan is crucial for any nonprofit aiming to strengthen its impact beyond just fundraising. Our strategic planning and support services provide a thorough, engaging process to renew your organization’s purpose, define holistic goals, and set a clear direction for all aspects of your mission. We partner with you to develop strategic plans that align with your mission, transforming challenges into opportunities for growth and transformation.

Strategic Planning and Support

We specialize in developing comprehensive strategic plans that serve as an effective tool for the entire organization. Our approach to strategic planning involves a holistic view of your organization, focusing on long-term vision alignment and resource allocation within a structured, yet flexible framework. We facilitate a process that not only sets a clear direction but also fosters agreement on your mission and vision, ensuring that every aspect of your organization is moving towards a shared future.

Our strategic planning and support services encompass:

  • Strategic Plan Development: Crafting comprehensive plans that reflect your organization’s overarching goals.
  • Strategic Plan Facilitation: Leading sessions to help your team articulate and align strategic goals to develop the strategic plan internally.
  • Forecasting and Analysis: Anticipating future challenges and opportunities for strategic decision-making.
  • Mission, Vision, and Values Retreats: Facilitating the development of core organizational values that align with strategic objectives.
  • Stakeholder Engagement Workshops: Creating platforms for diverse stakeholder input, ensuring an inclusive strategic vision.
  • Goal Setting and Prioritization: Assisting in identifying and prioritizing strategic objectives for maximum impact.
  • Action Plan Development: Collaborating to develop actionable steps for implementing the strategic plan.
  • Monitoring and Adjusting Strategies: Providing ongoing support to track progress and make necessary adjustments for success.

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Client Spotlights

“This effort was successful because BWF took the time to understand our needs and current situation and where we want to go. We were backed up by an experienced team in all phases of development.”

Brent Dunn
Vice President for Advancement and CEO
Missouri State University Foundation
Missouri State University Foundation

“Our collaboration with BWF meant that we were able to strategically review our ideas and goals for future years. This allowed us to create a fulsome and comprehensive plan that will help guide us through crucial projects and growth. This effort was successful because BWF provided us with guidance, insight, and best practices and also supported us to create, implement, and launch a new strategic plan that will help inform our fundraising, communications, and marketing work for years to come.”

Tracy Brown
Director, Development
Covenant House Vancouver
Covenant House Vancouver

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