Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Soon after Dr. Mautra Staley Jones assumed the presidency of Oklahoma City Community College (OCCC), the college began the process of developing its next strategic plan to continue to deliver on its mission. Campus leaders knew that as the student body, the communities the college serves, and the larger educational landscape continue to evolve, so too must the college’s approach to how it fulfills its mission.

OCCC enlisted the services of BWF to conduct a fundraising assessment and facilitate an inclusive strategic planning process. This comprehensive effort involved input from individuals across the college and the community to prioritize collective goals.

Throughout the engagement, they demonstrated a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities in our sector. This was crucial in creating a strategic plan that addresses our specific needs and ambitions. We are immensely grateful for their guidance and are confident that the strategies developed will lead to significant advancements for our institution. Their contribution has not only been beneficial in the short term but will undoubtedly influence our success for years to come.
Dr. Mautra Staley Jones
President • Oklahoma City Community College

The outcome was a strategic plan outlining Oklahoma City Community College’s shared goals, priorities, and tactics for the next five years, along with recommendations for improving its fundraising operation. This collaboratively crafted strategic plan serves as the cornerstone guiding OCCC’s pursuit of growth and excellence.

Oklahoma City Community College utilized the Strategic Planning and Support service offered by BWF to improve their foundation operations. To learn more about this solution, click here.