Donor Engagement

A good donor journey map is the process of taking potential supporters and successfully turning them into donors and advocates for your cause and mission. Donor engagement takes that one step further by tracking donations alongside physical and digital connection to your organization’s activities.

BWF’s Engage Dx program takes donor engagement to the next phase.

BWF’s research pinpoints the ways in which donors are connected, shows how donors and non-donors are different, surfaces how donors feel about their engagement, and ultimately identifies the drivers that will enhance and improve engagement, which in turn fuels fundraising success.

Engagement drives behavior

Engagement is the most significant driver of impactful philanthropy. Engage Dx will show you what sentiment propels engagement and how increased engagement increases donor lifetime value.

Identify what drives top supporters

Your best supporters share common sentiments. Engage Dx will identify how they feel differently and how to extend those feelings to all constituents.

Clear ROI on message

Marketing, communications, and stewardship matter. Engage Dx can quantify the value of impactful activities and highlight the impact of non-solicitation messaging on giving.

Uncover the journey

Understanding what sentiment drives engagement will help accelerate philanthropy. Engage Dx can provide a road map for organic, impactful constituent interaction that acquires new supporters and moves existing donors along the pipeline.

Action is not engagement

Engage Dx can help you reduce blind spots, highlighting which supporters have more potential and which non-donors are most likely to convert.

Our Services

  • Donor journey mapping
  • Sentiment measurement
  • Message ROI
  • Donor engagement surveys
  • Road map for donor connection
  • Non-donor conversion strategies

Expert Insights

Understanding Behavioral Economics: This whitepaper outlines a framework to gain greater understanding of donor engagement and philanthropic support using principles from behavioral economics. It outlines modifications to widely adopted approaches in order to gain greater understanding into motivation through thoughtful, consistent, and well-crafted survey efforts.


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