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Minneapolis, Minn.— today announced the general release of Mercury, an industry leading application that enables non-profit organizations to create, customize, and distribute individually-tailored microsites to audiences of any size, from sites focusing on one high-value donor to tens of thousands of personalized microsites for Giving Day solicitation. Non-profit marketers can now personalize on the web at scale more effectively, enabling them to drive donations, enhance engagement, and move individuals up through the giving pyramid simply and quickly.

Throughout early 2022 Mercury pilot programs have delivered conversion rates between 45 percent and 85 percent. When applied across a whole fundraising and alumni engagement program this has the potential to double engagement and donor numbers.

“Mercury is so exciting because it breaks down the traditional fundraising silos built up around channels like direct mail and phone,” says Hubbub CEO and technology lead Jonathan May. “Deep personalization has been a mainstay of cutting edge commercial practice for the past decade – in fact 91 percent of consumers prefer to shop with brands that give them personalized recommendations. Those same consumers are the donors we are all trying to reach, and Mercury gives them what they expect.”

“The data supports leading programs bringing in personalization now, both to drive immediate results and to gain far greater individual insight into supporters and donors in the future.” said Josh Birkholz, CEO of sister-company BWF. “ is the perfect combination of innovation, expertise, and passion for the profession of fundraising.” builds outsourced annual giving programs, enterprise-wide giving days, and supporter engagement programs using video-driven, high-touch communications in the digital space. “We know that personalized, coordinated, and compelling messaging will generate transformational success for fundraisers,” said Chief Consulting Officer, Justin Ware. “Mercury uses these tactics to create new revenue and engagement for our client partners. This new vision for the sector is truly inspiring.”

Click here to find out more about how global non-profit organizations are using Mercury to modernize their fundraising operations and personalize their donor experiences.

About {{firstname}} serves nonprofit clients that are ready to #DoDigitalBetter. Its core services include technology platforms and outsourced annual giving programs. The Mercury platform enhances a software suite that already includes Giving Day, Crowdfunding, and Causes. also provides and leads programs to create Donor Engagement Centers at its clients, where teams of student and staff workers develop personalized content for annual giving and mid-level programs. For more information, please visit

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