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Minneapolis, Minn.—

BWF’s newly released book “Modern Campaign Planning: Insights & Impact” provides an expansive look into modern fundraising campaigns—what’s changed, how to maximize success, and how to achieve long-term impact.

“Whether you are a great research university making life-enhancing discoveries or a leading medical center innovating to provide exemplary patient care, an environmental organization advocating for clean water or a nonprofit caring for the most vulnerable among us, campaigns make that work possible and help you impact the world,” observed Mark Marshall, BWF’s President, Philanthropic Counsel. “Campaigns afford organizations the opportunity to achieve transformational growth, generate momentum, and create a bold vision that compels others to action.”

This book examines the essential aspects of modern campaign planning that will help organizations achieve their fundraising goals and deliver on their missions. From developing an impactful case for support and building a pipeline that builds capacity to fully leveraging campaign volunteers, BWF shares the insights to achieve success.

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BWF is a full-service philanthropic consulting services firm. BWF serves nonprofits in the areas of campaign management, high-net-worth fundraising, organizational consulting, data science, marketing, strategic communications, and technology. Clients include universities, health systems, arts & culture organizations, faith-based organizations, and NGOs throughout North America, Europe, Australia, Africa, and the Pacific Rim. As a truly comprehensive fundraising consulting firm, BWF has a team of consultants with extensive background and experience in every facet of philanthropy. For more information, please visit