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BWF Services: Slate for Advancement, Systems Selection and Implementation
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 14, 2023
Minneapolis, Minn.—

Philanthropy innovator BWF is pleased to announce its elevation to a Slate Gold Preferred Partner and the collaboration of a portfolio management portal. Slate for Advancement, the all-in-one CRM solution, is once again disrupting the CRM industry. Given BWF’s reputation as a long-time innovator in prospect development, the company was the clear choice to work jointly and bring it to the Slate community.

“Our team at Slate is proud to work alongside industry leader BWF, who like us is inspired to transform the industry in meaningful ways,” says Alexander Clark, CEO of Technolutions, the parent company of Slate. “Both companies are committed to giving back by enhancing community knowledge and capabilities, as exemplified in this portal collaboration. This initiative is right in line with the goals of our Preferred Partner Program.”

Recently, BWF, Technolutions, and selected clients came together for a two-day workshop at Slate HQ in New Haven, CT, to design and build a portfolio management portal. The core structure of the portal is available to all Slate clients, and BWF can help clients customize and expand its use in a stand-alone capacity or as part of an entire implementation.

BWF CEO Josh Birkholz is proud that the company was able to bring its fundraising prowess and prospect development best practices to the build. Birkholz, who attended part of the workshop at Technolutions HQ, stated, “Prospect development is essential for effective fundraising. Adding this portal elevates Slate for Advancement and ensures the software enables strategy. For BWF, increasing our partnership level to gold shows that we are deeply committed to the community.”

As a Gold Partner, BWF provides three primary levels of implementations that scale to institutional size and need. BWF has led several Slate for Advancement implementations and continues to add clients doing the same. During these efforts, both BWF and its clients recognized the clear need for this new out-of-the-box portal within Slate.

Although BWF partners with several other technology companies, we are committed to Slate and have a team with deep expertise in the Slate platform. Of utmost importance is ensuring technology meets the needs of our clients, which means innovating with the end goal of business processes and reporting in mind.

For more information, contact Allison Gannon.

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