BWF News
Minneapolis, Minn.—

Josh Birkholz, chief executive officer at BWF, has been elected chair of the Giving USA Foundation, a nonprofit organization founded by The Giving Institute. The Giving Institute has a long, distinguished history as a champion of philanthropy with an unwavering commitment to advancing fundraising and research, promoting education, and empowering generosity. The Foundation itself is dedicated to charitable research of giving trends, strategies, and actionable data for the charitable sector. Its publication, Giving USA, is the longest running, most comprehensive report on philanthropy in America.

Birkholz is widely regarded as a trailblazer of 21st-century development strategies, having redefined how we look at modern program design, fundraising in a smart economy, and branding in the high-net-worth marketplace. For nearly two decades, he has consulted for leading nonprofits, universities, and healthcare centers around the world. And he is the author of the books Fundraising Analytics (Wiley 2008) and Benefactors (Wiley, Fall 2022 release).

For Birkholz, it is an honor to continue to support the Giving USA Foundation in its endeavors as he assumes this new role within the organization.

“Generosity is such a fundamental value in America, and Giving USA is instrumental in providing unbiased information to equip donors, nonprofits, and legislators to make informed decisions and elevate the impact of generosity.  It is a great privilege and responsibility for me to work closely with this great organization of committed professionals.” – Josh Birkholz