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Minneapolis, Minn.—

Josh Birkholz, President and CEO of the global fundraising consultancy Bentz Whaley Flessner (BWF), and Mark Marshall, President of the Philanthropic Counsel division, are excited to announce the addition of Carole Arwidson as Director of Strategic Communications.

Carole ArwidsonPrior to joining BWF, Arwidson served as a member of the account management team and as director of market research at The Lawlor Group, a national higher education marketing, research, and consulting firm. In that role, she provided leadership and counsel in the areas of institutional marketing, strategic planning, media campaigns, marketing communications, and business development.

Her client work involved managing multi-audience, multi-phase marketing and market research studies; developing visibility/awareness and lead generation campaigns that included both online and offline marketing communications; preparing media analyses and creative execution for ad campaigns; conducting audits and assessments of various marketing and enrollment functions and activities; and contributing to and facilitating strategic planning efforts.

Carole has been a panelist or presenter at numerous regional professional conferences (including ACCU, NACUBO, CIC, NAICU, and MPCC), and she has conducted training workshops in both sales and marketing for education marketers and strategic web content development.

“Carole brings years of progressive experience and leadership in strategic communications, branding, and market research to the firm. Many of our clients are looking for guidance as they build and refine their strategic communications plan, and we are excited to add her skills to our growing team of experts,” states Birkholz.

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