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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 27, 2023
Minneapolis, Minn.—

Philanthropy innovator BWF and trusted Salesforce partner Redpath Consulting Group (Redpath) are establishing a first-of-its-kind partnership to provide expanded Salesforce services to meet the current and emerging technological needs of nonprofit clients.

The partnership offers nonprofits and educational institutions innovative solutions for implementing and supporting Salesforce, ensuring fundraisers can maximize technology to accelerate philanthropic ROI to fulfill their missions.

BWF, experts in complex philanthropy and innovators in the field for the past 40 years, and Redpath, a nationally recognized Salesforce partner since 2009, will now provide combined service offerings. Together, the two firms can best serve the increasingly complex technology ecosystem needs of today’s organizations, many of whom rely on Salesforce as their primary CRM and marketing platforms.

BWF Principal Katrina Klaproth is excited about the partnership and what it means for nonprofits: “Yet again, BWF is ahead of the curve and responding to clients’ needs. The partnership with Redpath is another example of BWF’s long-standing history of innovation. Redpath perfectly extends BWF’s ability to deliver exceptional technological services to our clients.”

By working with both BWF and Redpath, a client gets both strategy and technology, ensuring the money spent on strategy is realized and the money spent on technology has value and vision.

“Working with BWF has allowed both partners to more quickly to drive value to the client. With BWF in the picture, we are able to get to the right people with the right information,” explains Dawn Blaney, Education Salesforce Consultant at Redpath. “BWF brings the fundraising organizational insight and strategy, and Redpath enables that insight with technology and brings the strategy to life. The partnership that we both bring to the table is invaluable to the client.”

Whether already live or seeking migration services, nonprofits will benefit from BWF and Redpath’s expert counsel on process and strategy definition, change management, implementation, marketing, training, and support—all central to maximizing effectiveness and driving success. For organizations new to Salesforce, this partnership will also offer streamlined implementation packages. BWF and Redpath will customize the Salesforce platform so that nonprofits can achieve their goals and realize desired results.

This client-centric partnership is ideal for institutions looking to align their business processes with industry best practices, creating a personalized approach to fundraising, and seeking a faster way to achieve impact.

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Redpath Consulting Group was established in 2008 and became an exclusive Salesforce partner in 2009. Redpath has completed 1,000+ projects and worked with 400+ organizations to deliver customized Salesforce solutions built with the success and longevity of our clients in mind. Whether it’s implementing innovative CRM solutions, optimizing marketing automation, or developing and deploying tailored Salesforce apps within your organization’s infrastructure, Redpath’s team of Salesforce integration experts believe in people first, process second, and using technology to support your organizational needs. For more information, visit