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For nearly 40 years, BWF has advised clients and supported their core fundraising and campaign operations, including strategic planning and campaigns, philanthropy operations and analytics, and giving programs and donor engagement. Today, BWF has a team of employees that are experts in helping clients optimize their use of Salesforce CRM.

BWF offers post-Salesforce implementation services designed to help clients employ enhanced business process strategies and detailed change management to make data-driven decisions that result in more successful fundraising campaigns. Here are some of the post-implementation services we provide.

Service Packs

BWF offers clients ongoing “service packs” of administrative hours to support ongoing Salesforce configuration and/or staff augmentation. Service packs are available in 10-hour packs and can be used in a variety of ways. Staff augmentation for Salesforce admin services for basic system configuration is a common need among smaller organizations. These services can also be paired with counsel for organizations focused on re-imagining their business processes.

Service packs provide a flexible way for clients to address common post-implementation issues, and BWF can scale to specific fundraising projects or tasks. Many clients find great value in having a BWF employee who is well-versed in Salesforce functionality work as an extension of their staff. This temporary staffing can also eliminate the need for our clients to recruit and hire new employees.

All services provided through these service packs are focused on fundraising and align with industry best practices. These services also align with the client organization’s needs versus the service provider’s needs.

Business Intelligence

As clients settle into using Salesforce after going live, there will be increased demand for reporting. BWF partners with clients to take foundational preconfigured dashboard reports and design them for usability in their environment. This work can extend to the Tableau platform, which BWF offers in a variety of packages.

We can customize Tableau development so clients have a better understanding of their data, and we can create an enterprise reporting strategy rather than simply providing a tool. Our experts can analyze clients’ reporting and data needs and help them plan ahead. This helps them go from being a data exporter to business intelligence user and helps drive client decision-making using data.

Continued Business Process Definition and Change Management

BWF helps ensure institutions don’t backslide into bad habits by fully using the Salesforce platform and adapting their fundraising processes to their new environment. We help clients determine screen configuration that provides the data they need in a usable format and aligns with industry best practices.

By customizing software to meet clients’ needs, we can optimize software around general change management, provide system user training, and ensure business processes are working effectively.

When it comes to fundraising best practices combined with CRM utilization, BWF is your go-to resource for help in adoption and effective use of Salesforce. We provide end-to-end help with implementation and post go-live to help clients optimize their fundraising objectives.

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