Prospect Development

BWF consultants will partner with you to develop your prospect research or prospect management needs to support a major gift-centered fundraising program. We can partner with you for a specific project in a short time period or be put on ongoing retainer for a longer duration.


BWF prospect development experts will provide a thorough assessment of prospect development departments that are seeking to align analytics, prospect identification, prospect research, and prospect management services, processes, procedures, and workflows with future goals and strategies. The assessment can be tailored or narrowed to the exact needs of your department.


We’re ready to partner with you to development and implement new policies, review portfolios, revise rating guidelines, review assignment protocols, and more. Our industry-recognized professionals believe prospect development is an essential part of major gift fundraising at every organization.

Prospect Research

Whether fully outsourcing, helping to remove a backlog, or offering support during a vacancy, we can provide the deliverables equivalent of a prospect researcher at our organization. BWF provides a full suite of research including verifications, solicitation profiles, event bios, proactive research, portfolio management, and more. We will come on-site, video-chat, or call-in for all important meetings.


Over the course of one or two days, BWF consultants will come on-site or conduct an interactive webinar with your staff. While the training can be tailored to your staff’s needs, training options include prospect research, prospect ID, capacity verifications, company valuations, research resources, working with fundraisers, incorporating analytics, and much more.

Contact the prospect development team at BWF.

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