Donor Relations and Stewardship

A quality donor relations program plays a critical role in not only celebrating existing philanthropy, but also in attracting new or expanded philanthropic support. Reviewing and informing your leadership about donor perceptions related to acknowledgement, recognition, donor engagement, stewardship, and communication can help guide and inform your long-term donor relations plan and potential allocation of resources.

BWF offers the following services for enhancing your Donor Relations and Stewardship programs:

  • Donor Stewardship Evaluation Process and Assessment
  • Survey services to measure donor engagement
  • Recommend next practices for various types of constituencies
  • Review and Refine Gift Acceptance and Donor Management Strategies
  • Identify appropriate Stewardship Measurements
  • Strategic Planning for the Evolution of your program

For more information on our Donor Relations and Stewardship capabilities, contact us at 800-921-0111.

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