Sioux Falls, SD

As the University of Sioux Falls (USF) considered launching a capital campaign beginning in 2019, a number of issues arose that needed to be attended to in order to achieve the philanthropic goals initially established by the university. A considerable amount of research and the implementation of best practices were needed before campaign planning could begin in earnest. Unfortunately, the onset of the pandemic and its aftermath delayed extensive planning because of the time and energy required of key staff that were consumed with substantive changes happening in university operations.

In 2023, USF felt that a campaign was long overdue but now needed assistance in assessing the level of support that might be available for possible capital projects and other priorities. USF partnered with BWF to conduct a campaign planning study that provided recommendations on a campaign working goal and timeline as well as revealed interest in expanding and renovating the Stewart Center, a multisport facility that includes coaches’ offices.

Our partnership with BWF not only informed our institutional direction, it transformed the nature of our capital campaign so that it aligns with current best practices of the industry, thus providing greater likelihood of achieving our internal financial goals from the campaign effort.
Dr. Brett Bradfield
President • University of Sioux Falls

BWF delivered a campaign study report to the Board of Trustees in September 2023. The report contained a recommended campaign goal that would be the largest in USF’s history thus far. Since then, university leadership has been busy securing principal gifts for the campaign, with a number of multimillion commitments already secured.

University of Sioux Falls utilized the campaign planning and management services offered by BWF.