Boston, MA
Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital engaged BWF to create a set of predictive models to help them increase their focus for fundraising efforts and uncover new potential prospects.

BWF custom-engineered five models based on Spaulding’s unique variables to identify uncommon behavior unique to their philanthropic program. Soon after the delivery of the predictive models, Spaulding used the patient acquisition model scores to inform who would be receiving their fall annual giving direct mail appeal. Per the model, they specifically targeted high-scoring non-donor past patients regardless of the recency of their visit.

A past patient, who had “aged out” of the print appeal population in the spring of 2018 after not responding to multiple mailings, was included again based on their score. They had continued to be engaged with Spaulding as a volunteer, and the appeal at this time prompted them to consider giving back philanthropically. Their first gift to Spaulding was $100,000, and they are now a managed prospect!

Our partnership provided immediate and actionable data which transformed the pipeline.

Spaulding utilized the modeling service offered by BWF. To learn more about this solution, click here.