The pandemic of 2020 forced nonprofit fundraisers to pivot from face-to-face to remote and digital donor engagement.

This move required training by digital fundraising experts as well as a rethinking of workflows and donor engagement strategies.

Customized remote and digital donor engagement training workshops for frontline fundraisers proved invaluable for many organizations, including Holt International. Reinforcement training of the lessons learned during the workshops was also essential.

We went from our MGOs having no digital presence to actively engaging donors through social media and establishing regular ‘face time’ with them, deepening the donors’ connection to Holt International.
Rick Ericson
Vice President of Marketing and Development • Holt International

Holt International now has fundraisers who are actively engaging donors, even as the pandemic continues to force most development officers to continue working virtually. More importantly, they are better positioned to effectively use digital along with traditional tactics after the pandemic ends. Given that wealthier individuals use social media and other digital tools more compared to the overall population, it is increasingly critical that modern gift officers are equipped with digital engagement training.

The Holt International utilized the digital training service offered by BWF. To learn more about this solution, click here.