Rocklin, CA

Educational Media Foundation (EMF) needed prospect development training and ongoing coaching for its team. Although EMF had a skilled and dedicated senior leadership team with expertise in major and principal gift fundraising and business operations, the team had no direct experience in prospect development.

A virtual training—tailored to meet EMF’s needs and specific situation—was conducted that focused on data science, prospect identification, relationship management, and prospect research. Following the training, three members of the EMF team participated in regular monthly coaching calls that ranged from the strategic (what priorities should the team focus on this year) to the practical (how should we use our wealth screening credits) to the tactical (how to conduct research on a particular prospect).

This effort was successful because BWF listened to our specific needs and catered their training and support to us.
Stacey Bogan
Prospect Development Manager • Educational Media Foundation

In addition, guidance was provided on how the team could better partner with senior leadership and their front-line colleagues. Since it can be challenging for data-oriented individuals (who frequently work in prospect development) to convey information to relationship-minded individuals (often those working in major and principal giving), suggestions were provided for rephrasing or repositioning projects or priorities to better “speak the language” of the end user.

The Educational Media Foundation utilized the prospect development and training service offered by BWF. To learn more about this solution, click here.