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Wednesday, May 17, 2023
12:00 pm
- 1:00 pm CDT
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Building Bridges to Better Healthcare: Engaging Philanthropic Donors in the Mission of Academic Medical Centers

In today’s healthcare landscape, academic medical centers (AMCs) play a critical role in advancing research, education, and patient care. Those who are familiar with AMCs understand the opportunities afforded to the community through these unique healthcare models. However, educating potential donors on the importance of AMCs and addressing the other challenges facing today’s academic healthcare organizations can be tricky.

This webinar, hosted by BWF’s Kara Wagner and Elizabeth Dollhopf-Brown, will provide insights and tools on how to overcome these challenges when cultivating philanthropic donors and help you harness the power and innovation of an academic medical center.

We will explore strategies for effectively engaging donors in fundraising, communications, strategic planning, and relationship building to support the mission of academic medical centers.

Resources covered in this webinar:

Watch the recording: