Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

BWF has established principles to guide all our work, our choices, our means of interaction, and our purpose for being. As a company that exists for the betterment of our world through the empowerment of nonprofits—from higher education to healthcare, from public society benefit to human service, and from the arts to the environment—it is imperative that our values align with the organizations we serve. More importantly, as leaders in the industry, our core principles must propel others to be even better than they are.

Our Guiding Principles

Thrive. Our firm works daily to be the best place to work and to build a culture of inclusion and character-first individuals because it makes us better for our clients and our employees. Every person we meet is equally valuable as a person.

Advance. We are a mission-driven service firm. We are successful if our clients are better, and the industry is better because we are a part of it.

Discover. Our value is found in our extensive use of science and collaboration with clients—the intersection that fuels innovation. We maintain a perpetual pursuit of the next practices in fundraising and the best practices for each client.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) are not just elements of our Thrive principle, where it might seem the most obvious. DEI is intertwined with all three of our guiding principles in purposeful ways. How can we advance our clients to be their best selves if some voices are silenced? How can we discover new innovations without diverse perspectives? How can we truly thrive if everyone does not also thrive?

Our Commitment

We believe that diversity, equity, and inclusion drives employee engagement and innovation and makes us better stewards in serving the nonprofit community. So, we are committed to a culture where our differences are embraced and valued. We are committed to learning and action so that our network of people, programs, and tools are designed to help employees grow and advance in reflection of these values. We are committed to a top-down and grassroots approach so we can address priority initiatives at all levels of our organization. At our core, the commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion strengthens the relationships within our company, within our industry, and within the communities we serve. We call on all our client partners to join us in this commitment so together we may truly empower philanthropy.