Wayzata, MN

Through a public/private partnership, the Wayzata Conservancy, established in 2017, raises private philanthropic funds to support the City of Wayzata’s Lake Effect Plan to implement Panoway on Wayzata Bay.

The Wayzata Conservancy is a completely volunteer-run organization with a very small part-time staff. At a key juncture in the campaign, they were frustrated with the pace and results in their fundraising efforts. The organization decided to engage BWF mid-campaign to reframe the case for support, assess donor prospects, and conduct surveys, focus groups, and 1-on-1 confidential discussions with key stakeholders.

Our collaboration with BWF meant that we could launch our capital campaign with confidence.
Andrew Mullin
Executive Director • Wayzata Conservancy

The Wayzata Conservancy received a revised, realistic roadmap to successfully raise private funds to complete the project in phases, communication talking points, and tools for relating salient messages and needs to key donors and stakeholders. The partnership has been instrumental to the project’s next level of success.

The Wayzata Conservancy utilized the campaign planning service offered by BWF. To learn more about this solution, click here.