Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland State University (CSU) was seeking to replace its current aging technology ecosystem with a new, modern fundraising and constituent management system that would create a better user experience for fundraisers, present opportunities for increased data partnerships across campus, consolidate duplicate and aging technologies, and position the University for increased fundraising efforts in its next campaign.

A prior engagement with BWF had identified the need for a new database. With new leadership at the foundation, the time was right to move the project forward.

BWF becomes an extension of the team and leans in and offers expertise that isn’t already on the team. They are true partners who honestly care about the success of the organization, not just the project.
Julie Rehm, PhD
Vice President, University Advancement and Executive Director • Cleveland State University Foundation

The team at Cleveland State was expertly guided through the CRM selection process, which included utilizing a project committee comprised of leadership, board members, and subject matter experts. BWF documented business requirements, drafted the request for proposal, and assisted in vendor selection contracting. Slate for Alumni and Advancement (Technolutions) was chosen as the desired CRM solution. BWF is now supporting CSU with comprehensive implementation support to ensure a successful implementation.

Cleveland State University Foundation utilized the CRM Analysis and Conversion service offered by BWF to improve their fundraising operations. To learn more about this solution, click here.