Your Fundraising Partner in Best—and Next—Practices

As both experts in complex philanthropy and the leading innovator in the field, our global perspective and practical knowledge means you get the right solutions to advance your fundraising efforts.

Strategic Planning & Campaigns

BWF understands the importance of strategic planning and the significance of philanthropic campaigns. Long-term success depends on your organization’s ability to embrace not just best practices but next practices.

Strategic Planning and Campaigns

Philanthropy Operations & Analytics

The fundraising industry has evolved into a complex business organized around accelerating philanthropic ROI. With BWF as your partner, you’ll be well-equipped for success.

Philanthropy Operations and Analytics

Giving Programs & Donor Engagement

BWF is so much more than a consulting firm. We are a multifaceted services firm providing hands-on engagement and fundraising with your constituents.

Giving Programs and Donor Engagement

Your Guide in Pursuit of Philanthropic Breakthrough

Fundraising strategies can be overwhelming. Let’s talk so BWF can begin formulating your organization’s best solution.