Revitalizing the Donor Pipeline Through Annual Giving


As we navigate this evolving philanthropic terrain, it is imperative for organizations to recalibrate their focus. Investing in base-level giving is not merely a tactic for immediate gains but a strategic imperative for pipeline development. By nurturing a broad base of supporters today, we lay the groundwork for tomorrow’s major gifts, ensuring the sustainability and growth of philanthropic endeavors.


Among these sector trends, there are bright spots of change, and we sought to identify clear evidence that investment can positively change these trends. BWF places a significant emphasis on engagement, annual giving, and the critical development of a donor pipeline. This study involved an in-depth analysis of data from a diverse group of 12 colleges and universities, encompassing both large and small institutions, as well as public and private entities. The objective was clear: to uncover the prevailing trends within these organizations and provide tangible evidence underscoring the critical importance of investments in the donor pipeline.