2024 International Due Diligence Survey Results


BWF, Pyro.Solutions, and Xapien have teamed up to conduct an International Due Diligence Survey, with a newly expanded focus on the United States along with the United Kingdom and Australia. Previously, in 2021, BWF and PyroTalks CIC conducted a sector-first Due Diligence Survey with insightful results and findings, leading to the 2022 effort that included Australia for comparisons across two nations. We are excited to examine philanthropic due diligence on a broader global scale, including a first examination of practices in the United States.


As philanthropy becomes increasingly complex, the importance of thorough scrutiny and risk management in accepting donations has never been more crucial. This entails fully preparing nonprofits to address reputation management challenges, legal compliance issues, high-value global donations, and vulnerable donor populations. Due diligence has been a longstanding responsibility of prospect development, yet there is still no “go-to” resource that helps departments benchmark their practices. This survey is intended to fill this knowledge gap and serve as a resource that will allow the industry to:

  • Compare business processes.
  • Contrast risk priorities.
  • Benchmark trigger levels.
  • Measure research team funding.
  • Clarify average report times and volume.
  • Gain insights into standard gift acceptance structures.
  • Instill confidence in departmental approaches to due diligence.

Thought Leadership

The Role of Prospect Research in Fundraising and Institutional Protection

Protecting a nonprofit’s reputation is crucial—it’s the most valuable asset an organization possesses. In this article, BWF and Xapien explore how prospect researchers can analyze potential donors not just from an opportunity perspective, but also from a legal and reputational standpoint.

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Our Partners


Pyro.Solutions provides specialist training and wealth analysis technology for prospect research, having developed two first-of-their-kind resources for the sectorCode-fi and Novawith users across the UK, the US, and Australia. Visit: www.pyro.solutions.


Xapien’s fully automated background research tool helps organizations to grow sustainably through strategic donations and partnerships. Xapien is an automated background research platform used by a number of leading UK and US universities and nonprofits, including London School of Economics, Tufts University, Dartmouth College, and the Royal National Lifeboat Institution. The cloud-based platform uses AI and Natural Language Processing to deliver concise and comprehensive due diligence reports on any individual or organization, anywhere in the world, in minutes. In a world awash with messy, fragmented information, Xapien provides the insight needed to make sound, fact-based judgements.