2023 BWF Healthcare Survey Results Released

Introduction to the Study

Healthcare philanthropy is a unique form of fundraising that is driven by a deep passion and energy. Donors in this sector are motivated by firsthand experiences with the organizations they support, such as hospitals that provide care for them and their loved ones or organizations that conduct research or advocacy related to specific diseases.

This study provides a longitudinal perspective on donor attitudes toward healthcare philanthropy, offering valuable insights into the philanthropic marketplace. Whether you are part of a team or working independently, this report will help you navigate the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Over the last 23 years, BWF has conducted research to measure the views and beliefs of affluent Americans regarding their charitable decisions and contributions to hospitals and healthcare organizations. These organizations include community hospitals, children’s hospitals, research centers, academic medical centers, and long-term care facilities. BWF developed this study as an essential tool for healthcare fundraisers. By gathering, analyzing, and sharing this information, healthcare institutions’ fundraising programs can better understand current attitudes toward giving and create stronger, more sustainable development programs

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