Tim Bucher

Solutions Partner

Working side by side with people and organizations that are mission-driven and rooted in helping others is what drives Tim Bucher to design solutions that can contribute to their success. Realizing that technology alone does not make an organization successful, he is inspired to work with teams to develop solid business processes and innovative solutions that remove the barriers to a nonprofit’s ability to build relationships.

Turn and face the strange. David Bowie

Tim has spent 15 years in nonprofit higher education, five of those years specifically in philanthropic technology and research. He’s a solutions architect with multiple years of system implementation and CRM administration and brings his expertise in prospect discovery, research, project management, process improvement, and IT Leadership to his role. At BWF, Tim’s work involves conducting assessments and providing recommendations about technology systems, business processes, team structure, and other related functions that support the fundraising process.

Outside of work, Tim serves as a board member and secretary for the Ohio Prospect Research Network. Tim’s favorite pastimes include boating, hiking, camping, and soccer and spending time with his family.