Scott Remington

Consulting Partner

For Scott Remington, his drive lies in continually learning about technology and spreading this knowledge in efforts of creating positive change in the world around him. The notion that every day an idea, plan, or strategic initiative can make a difference and lead to bettering the world is a concept that fuels his work in the philanthropic industry every day.

If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else. Booker T. Washington

At BWF, Scott provides counsel in digital fundraising. With over 15 years experience in his field, Scott specializes in finding solutions involving comprehensive digital strategy, social media marketing, donor journeys, and more to increase clients’ success and fundraising impact. Scott is inspired by motivated people who come together and strive to improve the lives of others, whether that be with their time, talent, or wealth. He is in awe of the power of philanthropy and the accomplishments nonprofits can achieve.

In his spare time, Scott loves to go to the gym, watch his Spartans play college football as well as invest, learn, and research all things cryptocurrency. But above all, his most important and favorite pastime is spending time with his niece.