Merrell Milano

Consulting Partner

As a fundraising consultant, Merrell Milano sees that working in this industry allows professionals in the field to develop their skills but more importantly affords them the opportunity to make a direct impact on a particular area of interest or concern for them and their chosen community. After all, it’s all about helping engage others to support a worthy cause.

This systems and operations expert handles a variety of projects for BWF clients: systems assessments, systems selections, CRM implementations, interim advancement services counsel, gift lifecycle reviews, advancement services assessments, grateful patient infrastructure build out, system configuration and reporting, training and user engagement, and strategic project management.

Merrell knows that philanthropy is fundamentally about believing in something bigger than yourself, enough so that you put your time, money, organizing, and effort behind it. Without the active decision by each and every individual or organization to engage in philanthropy, the nonprofit industry wouldn’t exist.

If I believe in anything, it is doubt. The root cause of all life’s problems is looking for a simple answer. Anthony Bourdain

In her free time, Merrell can be found traveling, reading, and cooking.