Mark Jones

Executive Partner

For over 30 years, Mark Jones has been inspired by the donors he’s been privileged to work alongside and the impact these individuals have made with their philanthropy. He feels that while the public naturally focuses on newsworthy contributions, it oftentimes overlooks the impact those gifts can have on the donors themselves. Charitable giving allows donors to pay forward the kindness of others, to invest in solving a problem or cure a disease that affected them or their loved ones, or to make any number of other great things happen.

As an executive partner at BWF, Mark is focused on using his breadth of experience to help organizational leaders enhance fundraising performance and achieve long-term success. He provides counsel and training to educate nonprofits so they can understand donor motivations, build strong relationships, and strategically optimize their fundraising programs.

If you want the rainbow, you’ve got to put up with the rain. Steven Wright

A sports enthusiast, Mark has attended baseball games at 51 Major League ballparks, including all active venues, and he is a Green Bay Packers shareholder. He is also an avid long-distance cyclist and an accomplished curler. You may also find him either building or refurbishing furniture, which he has done for most of the pieces in his home.