Lisbeth Fernandez

Solutions Partner

Lisbeth Fernandez is grateful to work in an industry that empowers everyday people to unite and solve society’s greatest challenges. With an over 15-year career in philanthropy, she is continually inspired by the generosity of people who give selflessly to a cause in hopes of building a better world. As an experienced, strategic advancement operations leader, Lisbeth has spent her career implementing creative solutions using new technologies, streamlining processes, improving systems, and building efficient, dedicated teams striving to accomplish their mission.

At BWF, Lisbeth applies her expertise in data management and analysis, reporting, prospect development, donor relations, project management, and gift administration to her role as a solutions partner on the systems and operations team. She partners with organizations to help strengthen the development services for long-lasting impact and greater overall fundraising success.

When she is not analyzing and solving complex system and operation challenges, Lisbeth loves to travel, take trips to the beach, and spend quality time with her family.

If you can dream it, you can do it. Walt Disney