Karl Otto

Associate Managing Vice President, Systems Consulting

During Karl Otto’s two decades in the fundraising field, he’s been focused on “making stuff work so fundraisers can be in front of donors.” A vital pursuit to be sure.

As the associate managing vice president, systems consulting at BWF, Karl manages the systems consulting team and specializes in databases, processes, and overall optimization of systems and operations. In working with nonprofits, Karl is inspired by generosity, whether of knowledge, spirit, or resources. In his view, generosity is one of the best things about people, and it’s what makes it a privilege to work at the core of that in fundraising.

Whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right. Henry Ford

Karl has shared his professional expertise by serving as volunteer chair for the CASE Gift Processing and Records Management Conference and as chair for the CASE Senior Advancement Services Conference.

In his free time, Karl can be found using his culinary skills or mixing a spot-on Manhattan. He also notes that “Netflix wishes it had my media server.”