Jayne Overstreet

Project Specialist and Executive Assistant

Jayne Overstreet’s natural ability to connect with others and adapt to ever-changing environments has been essential to her professional success. Throughout her 15-year career, she has seen firsthand how philanthropy can impact a person’s life and community. She is inspired by the generosity and kindness of ordinary people giving to charities and nonprofits because they see the need and answer the call.

As project specialist and executive assistant at BWF, Jayne provides administrative and project management support to executive leadership’s projects and day-to-day activities. While she may not witness the impact directly, Jayne believes the work BWF does in partnership with clients affects countless lives for the better.

Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game. Babe Ruth

Jayne is an active volunteer and recently curated a series of five art auctions with all proceeds given to UNICEF and their efforts in Ukraine. In her free time, Jayne loves skiing, hiking, exploring the mountains with her son, attending auctions, and restoring furniture.