Dinessa Solomon

Executive Partner

The change philanthropy can make in the world and the impact it can have on others is a driving force behind Dinessa Solomon’s successful fundraising career. For 20 plus years she’s seen how gifts and grants are tools that can affect change in everything from building capacity to awarding excellence.

Dinessa is inspired by the symbiotic relationship between nonprofits and philanthropy. For her, nonprofits have the expertise and access to a target population, while philanthropy generates the resources to help nonprofits provide much-needed services or information. Though nonprofits and philanthropy both strive to meet a particular need, they must come together to have the greatest impact.

Dinessa comes to BWF with expertise in corporate and foundation relations. Her work at the firm focuses on helping nonprofit organizations build a solid and competitive public and private fundraising program focused on corporate, foundation, and government grants.

Outside of client work at BWF, Dinessa serves as executive director with Foundations for Families, the faith-based nonprofit she co-founded that provides victim support services, free legal services for survivors of intimate partner abuse, and a community food pantry. In her spare time, Dinessa enjoys reading, traveling, doing home improvement projects, and watching baseball.

How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world. Anne Frank