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Fundraising in 2018: Looking Back to Move Forward

As 2019 begins, we can look back on 2018 and explore important trends that have shaped philanthropy and consider how they will affect the year ahead.  The world of giving has been shaped by at least five trends: 1. Volatile markets impact giving. December 2017 was a record giving month for many nonprofits in the […]

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Bridging the Gap

5 Ideas for Engaging Next Gen Donors

When I think of the next generation of donors, I think of individuals who were raised in an on-demand culture and have been shaped by social media, mobile technology, a post 9/11 world, and a deep recession. They are self-starters, self-learners, and self-motivators. Universal connectivity, highly curated global information, on-demand video, and 24/7 news cycles […]

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Healthcare Fundraising

Why and How to Engage Women Donors

Women make up 45 percent of American millionaires. In 2013, an estimated 60 percent of high-net-worth women made their own fortunes, and some estimates put as many as two-thirds of all wealth in the U.S. will be controlled by women by the year 2030. Women’s influence in philanthropy continues to change. Did you know that […]

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How Does Your Nonprofit Compare? 5 Takeaways from the Major Gifts Fundraising Benchmark Study

5 Takeaways from the Major Gifts Fundraising Benchmark Study The 2017 Major Gifts Fundraising Benchmark Study was recently completed and released. For the study, over 600 nonprofit organizations in a variety of sectors from the U.S. and Canada were polled in early 2017. This study was sponsored by the Association of Philanthropic Counsel, funded by […]

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Data Analytics Implementation Across Industries

Many nonprofit fundraising shops have long since recognized the value and power of their own internal datasets. Good leaders know that evaluating and analyzing our data leads to important insights that inform our decision making and goal setting processes. A common sticking point in fully realizing this value, however, and in the adoption and integration of […]

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Are You Keeping Score?

The business of fundraising has become big, but are we becoming Big Business? Arguably, the biggest change this generation has seen is the shift in our core business model. Historically, it was sufficient to know the wealthy constituents in town, go to the right country clubs, and attend the matinee at the symphony to find […]

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Client Advisory – The World’s Wealthiest: Three Trends for Philanthropy

Originally published March 11, 2015 Forbes recently released its annual list of the world’s billionaires. This year, 290 new billionaires were added to the list, which brings the total number to 1,826. With these newcomers, in addition to an overall growth in other billionaire’s assets, the group’s aggregate net worth has increased from $6.4 trillion […]

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Client Advisory – Online Giving Continues to Gain Prominence

Although the overall share of gifts given online remains low, accounting for only approximately 2% of all donations from private sources, online giving continues to gain ground with more and more development efforts concentrated on this channel. The Chronicle of Philanthropy conducted two studies and reports that online giving rose 14% in 2012 with donors […]

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Client Advisory – What Can We Expect From the Next Generation of Major Donors

We are currently in the midst of an immense “wealth transfer” process that promises to significantly impact philanthropy in the United States. Over the first half of this century, scholars estimate that at least $41 trillion will be transferred as bequests to the post-Baby Boom generations of the highest net-worth families. As these “historic amounts […]

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A Promising Year for Global Philanthropy

Three important activities are shaping global philanthropy. (1) the House Committee of Ways and Means is looking at tax deductions for charitable deductions; (2) the US Department of State recently emphasized the significance of the US philanthropic model and the strategic role it can play on international civil society; and (3) data is increasingly highlighting […]

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11th Annual Healthcare Survey Results NOW AVAILABLE

Washington, DC – Bentz Whaley Flessner is pleased to announce the release of the 11th annual healthcare survey, “What the Affluent Think About Healthcare Philanthropy,” which examines attitudes towards and experiences with philanthropic giving to healthcare organizations. Key findings this year are in two main areas: (1) what influences people to give to healthcare providers […]

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