From “Science Project” to Real Value

Forbes contributor Jason Bloomberg recently wrote about big data themes emerging from the Strata+Hadoop World conference, held at the end of September in New York. The conference bills itself as a deep dive into emerging techniques and technologies between cutting edge science and business fundamentals. Particularly, it serves as a venue for speakers and vendors […]

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Vintage abacus

Metrics That Really Work

After many years of analyzing nonprofits going into campaigns, we’ve seen three primary drivers for achieving substantial increases in production. Simply put these are who we see, how we see them, and who sees them. In other words portfolio composition for the frontline, more effective fundraiser activity, and larger, better aligned frontline fundraiser teams. Although […]

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Metrics for Prospect Management

Client Advisory – July 22, 2011 Frequently, clients ask us to outline the best metrics for managing the important work of fundraising. Our first response to such questions is always, “why?”. We are not questioning the validity of the request, but rather the goal of the metrics. As with any field, there are infinite ways […]

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The Science of Fundraising: How Nonprofits Use Analytics

Today’s guest blogger is Joshua Birkholz, author of “Fundraising Analytics: Using Data to Guide Strategy”.  Josh is a leader in the analytics field and is passionate about its applications for fundraising. Only 10 short years ago, the word, “analytics,” was barely in the vocabulary.  You could count the fundraising analytics professionals on one hand.  Sure […]

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Lessons Learned: Operational Priorities – Guest Blogger Chris Cannon

Chris Cannon is the first in a series of guest bloggers.  Chris is widely recognized as a leader in development operations.  Special Guest Blogger: Chris Cannon, Author of “An Executive’s Guide to Fundraising Operations” Exceptional fundraising requires discipline and focus on the “big rocks.” You may have heard the story: a professor stands before her […]

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