data committee

Establishing a Data Governance Committee

Data is one of a fundraising organization’s most valuable tools. Data serves as the foundation for good decision making and goal setting and informs strategic priorities. However, in order to effectively employ data, proper maintenance is critical. Data governance committees can be a valuable resource in developing policies and procedures for effective data management and […]

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measuring fundraising success

3 Questions for Understanding Fundraising Success

Proper investment in a philanthropy office is vital to success. With that investment comes increased questions, such as “What will success look like?” These questions come from the C-suite as well as the board. Being able to properly answer the “success” questions about the results of your program can help create partnerships throughout your organization. The […]

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Too Much Data

Best Practices for Data Storage and Collection

BWF Client Advisory: When *Not* to Collect and Store Data in Your Database Storing large quantities of data is no longer a technological challenge. With the widespread adoption of fundraising analytics and the next generation of scoring systems on the horizon, the impulse is for organizations to store everything. Despite the proliferation of new sources […]

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