Engage Dx

Engage Dx is the new standard to measure engagement. It uncovers the intersection of constituent or staff behaviors and opinions—the true measure of engagement.

The comprehensive survey concentrates on the psychology of affinity, aligning with key outcome and descriptive measures. Engage Dx can precisely measure where strengths and gaps exist in your constituency or staff, along with the impact of future strategic changes.

Engagement is no longer an abstract concept; partner with Engage Dx to:

  • Measure constituent engagement aligned with key outcomes such as major and loyal giving, volunteerism, and other key client-driven outcomes so you can unlock insights into current and future behavior.
  • Quantify engagement staffing themes, and align results by role, tenure, and department to identify insights into strengths and gaps in future performance and retention based upon responses.
  • Build a custom instrument aligned with your most pressing questions and needs.

Contact the Engage Dx team today at 800-921-0111 to gain additional insights into your constituents.

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