Data Science

Each organization has its own unique configuration of constituencies, mission, history, and data. That’s why BWF designs the optimal solutions based on what your data tells us rather than applying an arbitrary template or formula onto your data.

BWF’s data science team can help your organization to be more strategic by:

  • Using data to assess fundraising capacity of your database and levels of engagement, discover underlying drivers of program success, and provide campaign projections and simulations outlining future production potential.
  • Conducting an internal assessment of data science that reviews if current analytics capabilities are able to support current and future fundraising goals to develop a strong, integrated, and supported data science program to enhance the health of your pipeline, create effective goals, and increase fundraising objectives.
  • Training your team in a number of programs, languages, and skills.
  • Introducing data science in an impactful, strategic, and digestible way to individuals at every level of the organization.
  • Developing scores that integrate into business practices to segment lists, prioritize names, and optimize portfolios.
  • Exploring all available acquisition channels unique to your organization, and evaluating the relative effectiveness of developing major and principal gift donors, retention, donor lifetime value, and loyalty through them.
  • Predicting potential fundraising outcomes based on your historical data as well as the key drivers affecting those outcomes.
  • Measuring the impact of donor relations efforts on key donor engagement outcomes by a comparative analysis isolating donor retention and stewardship activities.
  • Using agile production-driver method to determine measurable distinctions for production and performance evaluation, Performance Metric Analysis will also calibrate confounding factors and unintended consequences.
  • Outsourcing your data science needs to a team of dedicated experts.

We are here to assist. Contact the BWF data science team at 800-921-0111.

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