Feasibility Studies/Planning Studies

BWF’s campaign planning study aims to help you reach your philanthropic goals as well as raise your overall major and leadership gift fundraising capacity. With decades of experience providing institutions with an understanding of the context of and environment for campaigns, BWF can conduct a feasibility study to help you tailor the goals, priorities, and expectations of your campaign to the fullest extent of what’s possible. We will look at total donor support for your philanthropic priorities and if you have the resources to fulfill your vision. We will also look at how to strengthen your staff and infrastructure and prepare your leaders for the campaign; make recommendations regarding your case for philanthropic support; review the capacity to attract volunteer leadership to the campaign; assess the presence of top prospects; and review your overall readiness for a campaign.

Campaign Counsel

Specifically tailored to your campaign, BWF provides insightful ongoing campaign counsel to a diverse array of clients. Dictated by your needs, campaign counsel will be provided by  one of our many experienced consultants and may include assistance in shaping the campaign case, analysis of campaign progress, recommendations regarding the public launch of your campaign, leadership advising, and general counsel. Counsel will add more value at the beginning of the campaign when organization, strategies, plans, leadership and lead gifts are being put into place. Once the foundations are in place, BWF will help monitor progress, suggest course corrections as needed, and help motivate staff and volunteers.

Internal Assessments

In order to best understand your current capacity and the resources available for a major campaign, Bentz Whaley Flessner can conduct a development assessment. This is an internal analysis involving several steps with the goal of understanding your philanthropic prospects and the behavior of your donors, the environment your campaign exists in, and how best to maximize your existing portfolios. BWF’s development assessment will allow you to conduct your fundraising efforts with purpose and to optimize the use of your resources.

BWF’s team employs a multi-level approach to internal assessments, which includes an engagement preparation phase, deploying a team of subject matter experts to complete internal reviews, and assessing the capacity of your database and the efficiency of your team.

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