At Bentz Whaley Flessner, we like to have a little fun promoting ourselves every now and again. One of the ways we do that? Creating video parodies that focus on a product or service our firm offers. The latest effort is a take off A&E’s dramatic reality show “Hoarders” where we look at the all-too-common problem fund raisers have of hoarding too much information. (I’m the guy in the wolf shirt)

I could use your help with this video. Please have a look at “Data Hoarders” and then check out my questions below…

I’d like to use this video in a couple upcoming speaking engagements I have. Before I do, here are my concerns…

  • Is this too touchy a subject and insulting to those who suffer from hoarding disorders?
  • Assuming the answer to the above is “no” or “not really” …is the video funny?
Don’t hold back your opinions! Let me know in the comment section below or by email (you can find my contact info here). Thanks!

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