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Comprehensive Campaigns: Why?

  1. Sharpening Focus. Comprehensive campaigns can help an institution’s leaders to focus on the key strategic projects and initiatives that will enhance the institution’s overall impact, success, and reputation.
  2. Achieving Impact. By articulating impacts and differences that funding strategic priorities and projects can have, comprehensive campaigns can help fund strategic priorities that positively impact people’s lives.
  3. Inspiring Gifts. By inspiring them to help realize the institution’s vision and dreams, comprehensive campaigns can motivate donors to make larger gift commitments than they would have otherwise imagined.
  4. Validating Worthiness. Securing nine-, eight-, and seven-figure gift commitments during a comprehensive campaign sends the message loud and clear that the institution is worthy of large and significant philanthropic investments.
  5. Expanding Inclusivity. By including all donors and all gifts for all purposes, comprehensive campaigns can enhance future, post-campaign fundraising successes as many of these donors continue to give and make larger gifts.
  6. Embracing Philanthropy. Through engaging senior executives, directors, and staff, comprehensive campaigns can enhance an institution’s culture of philanthropy.
  7. Enhancing Skills. By focusing fundraising staff’s work on key ingredients to securing gifts to achieve campaign success, comprehensive campaigns can enhance staff skill levels.
  8. Strengthening Teamwork. Through working together on projects that are important for campaign success, comprehensive campaigns can strengthen and enhance overall teamwork among fundraising, operations, prospect research, communications, constituent relations, and other staff members.
  9. Fostering Involvement. Through productively engaging the board of directors and other volunteers, comprehensive campaigns can ratchet up productive volunteer involvement.
  10. Instilling Pride. Through communicating regularly about progress toward overall dollar goals and funding strategic priorities and projects, comprehensive campaigns can enhance pride among donors, other constituents, staff, etc.