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BWF PinPoints: Transparency in Prospect Development

For anyone who stays current with industry news, the principle of transparency has received a lot of attention lately. From Ray Dalio’s philosophy of “radical transparency”, which he discusses in his book, Principles, to Stanford’s recent research into “Fairness, Accountability, and the Transparency of Algorithms”, industry leaders are taking notice and challenging proprietary black boxes.  Nonprofits are no different.

At Bentz Whaley Flessner (BWF®), transparency is key for building stronger and more collaborative relationships with our clients and each other.  Clarity promotes success, whether partnering to build an prospecting score or to develop strategies for portfolio optimization.  This summer, our team of talented experts has examined this guiding principle of transparency, and has compiled our recommendations for implementing these practices within your nonprofit organization.

Read more as BWF’s Bond Lammey shares her thoughts on the evolution of prospect development and the fundamental importance of transparency.

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