As Thanksgiving approaches and our minds turn to turkey, football, red leaves, and apple pie, our hearts turn to feelings of gratitude for the experiences and people we’ve encountered over the past year. Although all industries give thanks at this time of year, for philanthropy it means something more.

Planning and Strategy

According to a report on affluence in the 21st century, 60% of individuals who stop giving to your organization do so because they believe the organization does not care about them. Stewardship gives donors an opportunity to further identify with an organization, inspiring them to give again. So how can your organization prepare for the season?

Stewardship 365: Be a Donor’s Year-Round Nonprofit of Choice

While the fourth quarter and holiday season provide you with particularly compelling opportunities to steward donors, it should not be the only time where donor acknowledgement, recognition, and stewardship are prominent.

Successful organizations find ways to incorporate the Thanksgiving sentiment year round to create a widespread culture of gratitude. Here are four ways to highlight stewardship in all of your fundraising interactions:

  1. Feature vibrant and captivating stories and photography to showcase the impact of giving at your organization.
  2. Select the correct organizational representative to convey thanks to a donor and provide a memorable interaction.
  3. Prepare individualized opportunities to acknowledge the unique influence a particular donor has had on individuals and programs at your organization.
  4. Use stewardship to fulfill promises by providing financial facts and impact stories of how a gift was used. 

What Can You Do Now?

Consider implementing the following tactics for immediate stewardship of your donors.

Seasonal Steps

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